5 Aashray - Promotion of Social Enterprises Foundation (Aashray Incubator)
  • Western Range Biopharma

    Dr. Vinod Kuberkar

    Western Range Biopharmaceuticals (WRB) is focused on addressing the unmet medical needs of patients

    • Has developed two technologies to help cancer patients...
    • Cellular immunotherapy
    • Onco-sensitivity testing

  • Red Carbon Techno Hub

    Mr. Prasen HGA Vinchurkar

    Ideal 3D printer which utilizes Only 1D & 2D Nanomaterials tocreate the real time objects.

  • Aanvik Biotech

    Dr. Varun Shah

    High activity Lipase with increased stability & half-life Lipase immobilization process

  • Tupik Pvt Ltd.

    Mr. Ravikumar P Patel

    A Personal closed zone that can be an Air conditioner, Heater, Dehumidifier, Mosquitoes restrictor & Air Purifier.

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  • Thy Health And Immunity Supplement Pvt Ltd.

    Tanmay Bipin shah, Naresh Jagdish Dhakan

    Proprietary food product, for detoxification of the body with the help of pure fruits and vegetables.

12 Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship(CIIE), (IIM)
  • IndiaBizForSale

    Bhavin S Bhagat is India focused platform for SMEs for activities related to business for sale, business acquisition, JV, partnerships etc...

  • Things Xthings

    Yash saxena

    Developing a patent based technology to increase sales conversion for fashion retailers (online or offline) by providing better styling cross-sell/up-sell data

  • Indian Text to Speech Private Limited

    Mausam Patel

    Building Text-to-speech System for Indian languages with a strong significance on rhythm and prosody of speech. Here we research on Hindi TTS to use with IVR software, any kind a machines and any kind a mobile.


    • Humanic Sound
    • Indian Naming Conversion

  • Matrubharti


    Matrubharti is self publishing platform for indian language writers, we have home grown technology to create royalty free ebooks in indian languages.

  • Remedy Social

    Dr. Purav Gandhi

    Remedy Social is a preventive health organization, with proprietary platform & algorithms to drive preventive health check-ups, monitoring and improvement in an analytics driven, scientific, scalable & cost-effective manner. Algorithms & risk-models driven by machine learning is the key innovation.

  • Pixycars Pvt. Ltd.

    Rajeev Ranadive

    It is 4x4 electric car designed for use within wild life sanctuaries. To replace aging population of “Petrol Gypsy”. It provides high energy efficiency cost effective solution

  • Neons Fashion LLP

    Arthi Ramalingam

    It provides high end modern and trendy fashion accessories to customers under the brand Eternz. Its an online portal and a mobile app (IOS & Android) where - customers can try the jewelry and buy it. They can customize jewelry according to their requirements, outfits, skin tone, etc.

  • Karna candy pvt. Ltd.

    Vinay Taylor

    Karna Candy has developed innovative, patent pending vegetarian gummies and marshmallows using all natural ingredients, in Indian flavors.

  • Responscity Solutions LLP

    Rushabh Shah

    Responscity is a Smart City Technology Company based in India. The startup creates innovative software and hardware solutions for City Management by understanding the community, designing a solution and finally engaging the stakeholders in implementing the solutions in the city.The startup offers unique 'Digital House Identification (DHI)' a Digital Infrastructure created by integration of Hardware and Software to enable city become efficient, transparent and accountable. The startup have successfully rolled out Complain Management software and Waste Management module in Vapi City, where the unique RFID readers capture data on the go when workers are collecting garbage from door-to-door.

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  • Enerlyf Innovations LLP

    Chirag Panchal

    Enerlyf Befriends Air Conditioner With Ceiling Fan And Link Them In Such A Way That Not Only It Maintains Your Comfortable Temperature But Also Reduces Air Conditioner Usage By 60-65% Hence The Electricity Consumption By 50%, Which Equates Sleep-health & Productivity Enhancement While Reducing Carbon Footprints & Globe Heating.

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  • Agilo Research Private Limited

    Dhrupal Shah, Abhishek Sharma, Pankaj Verma

    Picture a hobbyist working towards making her new project! Even the simplest ones are fairly complex to make, with dozens of components, wires and complex circuitry making it a mammoth task.

    Now picture a student fascinated by technology, who dreams of making certain projects of his own. What happens when such a student will meet a hobbyist and share ideas and experiences? The complexity of hardware prototyping discourages most students from getting their hands dirty and will give birth to a fear of hardware, eventually leading to lost interest and poor skill in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). We are trying to address the problem of complexity in prototyping and students loosing interest in technology by building a very easy to use and learn with electronic prototyping platform.

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  • Enerlytics Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    Anik Agrawal

    Enerlytics is developing IOT based platform for companies that install solar energy systems which enables them to manage all their site devices from a single platform.

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  • Wireless chatting

    Jigarkumar Gohil,Trupal Patel

    Communication can be done on computers as well as on mobile phones. we have designed a mesh network with the help of which thousands of people, can communicate.

  • Profit bin

    Priyam Parikh,Manthan Khopkar

    Profit Bin mainly works on the garbage system, just the difference is people get rewards as balance money in their mobile, for putting the garbage in the profit bin. This project is advancement in the garbage municipal system.

  • Smart Shopping Cart, Brand Name: Smart Shopping Cart

    Tanvi Patel, Vaishali Shah, Barkha Gohil, Rusva Soni

    The product which makes shopping hassle free and benefits quicker checkouts at shopping malls & marts. This device eliminates long queues, manpower & time. The product needs just a small modification in existing trolleys and can be enrolled in market very easily.

1 Dharmsinh Desai University (DDU)
  • Natural Haematinic

    Dr. Sanjaykumar Chauhan

    For establishment of marker from Prickly Pear fruit responsible for Haematinic action.

11 Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India(EDI)
  • Moments’

    Jay Sanghavi,Dhrumil Shah

    Moments’ - Your personal wedding assistant to make your wedding journey more memorable and exciting. The app binds you and your lovely significant other with family members and guests without any hassles, leaving only the precious ‘Moments’ to celebrate and enjoy.

  • Pratibimb

    Neerja Lakhani,Abhishek Lodha

    Hygienic women’s inner wear (Made out of organic cotton & bamboo fibber). Our innovative fabric has natural bacteria inhibiting properties, which makes the garment anti-microbial, anti-odour, and thus more hygienic than any available substitutes.

  • Duro Green (towards zero waste), Brand Name: Duro Green

    Nishank Shah

    Duro Green is a solid waste management start-up which treats food waste at source and segregate the dry waste is sent to the end recycler by giving an end to end solution from creating awareness to monitoring the whole project to corporates, industries, builders, villages existing residential buildings etc.

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  • WaterQuest Hydroresources Management India Pvt Ltd., Brand Name: WaterQuest Hydroresources Management

    Akash Bhavsar, Shriya Damani

    We deploy our technology to map, identify, drill, develop, operate and/or transfer the water source to the beneficiary. We have a proprietary virtual water prospecting program to locate naturally desalinated self-recharging & self replenishing water sources typically between the depths of 300 – 800m. The program is fine-tuned to identify high volume, self-recharging flowing water sources.

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  • Sarjan Ecotec, Brand Name: Aquasip

    Sarjan Trivedi, Dinesh Sharma

    Aquasip is a lighter, easier, heathy and portable purifier. Aquasip is a solution for people who travel a lot and find it tough to get access to pure and clean water.

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  • Junior Scientist, Brand Name: I Brim

    Upendra Jani

    I brim is the innovative, durable, effective and user – friendly solution to the problem of insufficient water in rural areas. A device designed to ease the physical burden and reduce the time spent in collecting water. It has no removable handles or other metal attachments that could be lost or break.

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  • K 2 K Venture

    Anuj Patel

    Call-a- cuppa is a customizable & hygienic alternative to the local kitliwala who delivers chai at your office premises. It combines a use of thermal insulated carry bag with tea combined with a parallel a unique system that dispenses flavours of your choice (elaichi, masala etc). The customer can calibrate intensity of flavours & control sugar content. The entire ordering – delivering – calibrating - billing system in controlled via an app to ensure to ensure total customer control over their.

  • Neer agriventures

    AbhishekDubey, Harsh Agrawal

    Neer aims to provide point of care analysis of soil, so that it can assist farmers in choosing the crop, type and amount of fertilizer to be used as well as for irrigation scheduling.

  • HidaaLifescience LLP

    Raj Kumar Maurya, MenkaGurnani

    HidaaLifescience has developed a process by which higher concentration of Vitamin D2 can be obtained without the loss of the rich nutrient value of mushrooms. The Innovators have also proposed techniques to enrich food items with vitamin D without affecting its taste and texture of food.

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  • Second Life Technologies

    Prof.V.SudhakaraRao, V.Vivekchandra, Balasaraswathy Nair

    The product in the offing is a “RAW FOOD DETOXIFIER” that can detoxify raw food articles contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers, and other artificial enhancing agents. It works on unique Hybrid Multi Process Technology developed and being patented by the company.

  • Phycolinc Technologies

    Dr. V Siva Subramanian, SumeetMohanty, Ankit Patel

    The company has developed process for the treatment of polluted/toxic water through Phycoremediation. The process is defined as the use of either macro-algae or micro-algae for removal or biotransformation of different pollutants & nutrients like organic/inorganic carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, sulfates, heavy Metals etc.

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11 Ganpat University
  • Lavish gifts

    Amit Khetan

    Lavish Gifts will redefine gifting in India by offering a wide range of elegant & ethnic packaged gifts to suit Indian sensibilities and occasions. Key Innovations include App-based Algorithm for identification & reminders, Logistics Innovation, Charity Gifting, Personalization options & Quick Delivery.

  • Wiztrit

    Agraj Khare

    Wiztrit brings Excerpts from the best novels, which make a good 10 minute read, to a single platform. Excerpts have been meticulously screened. These are Comprehensive and Interesting picks from greatest novels of all times. Enjoy browsing through them. Take a glimpse into books you always wanted to read, where just reviews didn’t suffice. Welcome aboard the journey of discovering new books. Happy Reading!!

  • Kids footwear

    Chetan Chawda

    D'Champs offers complete range of Footwear & Care products for Kids, with a technical insoles and other healthy grooming products for the little ones.

  • Trazo

    Parth Shah

    Trazo is intended to crpate on ecosystem of employable youth Skill Assessment Product   Would Measure the journey of a Student through their 2or3 years of journey.


    Dr Hitesh R. Patel

    Cattle feed : Ready to use powder form to make it in liquid form in bulk quantity to reduce cost of finished goods, Transportation and also improve shelf life of product compare to conventional products.

  • Smartprop Solutions LLP, Brand Name:

    Dhaval Patel is a start-up in the real estate space providing a one-stop platform for day to day management of housing societies or commercial buildings which includes offline services like bill collection and repair/maintenance management.

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  • Toy Mahal Services LLP Brand Name: Toy Mahal

    Vipul Jain, Rohit Nair, Vikas Asava, Jaiprakash Chechani

    The company is an 100% online Toy Library, with an online booking platform for different kind of toys rentals serving kids ageing from 1 month to 8 years and is based on Fully Subscription Based Model. We also make it convenient for our customer to avail any service via multiple contact channels like mobile app, website and phone calls. It aims to revolutionize toy market by creating an online toy library where instead of purchasing the expensive toys, kids/parents can rent them and return after an specific time of use, and a vision of creating happy KIDS everywhere, by delivering education growth oriented toy library and services, and offering genuine branded toys for all the kids to play, learn and grow


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    Ms Sharon Mecwan, Mr Mehul Patel

    Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disorder using Artificial Intelligence Techniques at an early stage and providing assistive technology leading to decrease in mortality rate.

    Many researches are being performed on day to day routine life's activity, imbalances created in posture of body were hard to diagnose. Main aim of our company is to provide diagnostic technology for Parkinson’s Disorder, i.e., impairment while walking through analysis of Gait cycle parameters using Artificial Intelligence, and also to provide the Assistive Technology for the same.

  • UNesar Private Limited

    Mr. Dhaval Thakkar

    Solar Stove is solar based indoor cooktop. The revolutionary compact thermal storage based solution satisfies all energy needs with superior experience and performance than gas and electric cooktops. The Solar Stove stores sun energy in form, fashion and become complete cooking solution that works indoor, cooks all dishes for 24x365; provides convenience & conventional cooking experience with modern functions suitable for all lifestyles.

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  • Perfact Solution Research & Development

    Mr. Anand Joshi

    Ever since the first automobiles took to the road more than 100 years agomanufacturers have been attempting to prevent the risk of impact-related fires.Inan effort to prevent a vehicle from becoming engulfed in flames when it's involvedin an accident, car manufacturers have focused their attention, mainly on thedesign, position and protection of the vehicle's fuel tank.Some of these fuel tank improvements include

    • The structural design.
    • The type of compounds used to manufacture them.
    • The different tank mountings.
    • Removal of sharp objects that could rupture the tank.
    • Relocating the tank to protected areas.
    • Shields and barriers placed in order to protect the tank from impact.
    • Bladder liners placed inside the tanks.
    • Fuel tank fire suppression systems.

  • Kachhua

    Mr Vijay Thakkar, Mr Mehul Patel, Mr Mayur Patel, Mr Dhaval Thakkar

    Kachhua Education Services LLP “The First Party” is engaged in the business ofdeveloping, promoting, subsidizing, encouraging, providing, maintaining, organizing,undertaking, managing, equipping, reconditioning, operating, conducting andconsulting to run in India or overseas, e-Learning solution, portals, educational media,digital Content and tutorials related to education and ancillary services. The said Digitalcontent and application (Front-end user interface) is compatible for electronic use andother media, on several platforms and devices including E-learning, Mobile platformbased learning, Tablet based learning and others besides providing e-learning content.

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17 Gujarat Technological University
  • WePaint

    Jatin Patel

    WePaint is novel formulation which transforms wall, wood, metal in to whiteboard like surfacce. Anybody can write on it with whiteboard marker and erase with cloth and duster.

  • E-Swasthya

    Yash Shah

    One stop door step services for healthcare, with cost effectiveness

  • Youth Unplugged Media Pvt Ltd

    Divesh Aswani, Rahul Bhagchandani

    Youth Connect is an honest media outlatr, first started by students, and presently run by a ateam 80% of which is student Volunteers, it is an unique platform for the youth to voice their opinions it also connects young talent to corporate clients in the country..

  • Somras Nutri Pvt Ltd

    Mohak Kabaria

    Healthy alternative of all existing drinks into the market. This is an unique non synthetic and healthy nutritive drink.

  • CPM Industries

    Arun Nagapal

    This innovation provides a spanner for automatic adjusting the fine dimension, which may easily be applied to several sizebolts or nuts with hexagonal heads having fine and adjoing dimensions using one spanner by resloving overall defects and demerits of common spanner and ratchet spanner.

  • Vision GreenTech India

    Anjil Jain, Manan Patel

    A device which can reduce emission from the vehicals. A Device which is installed at a highly polluted aera for reduction of carbon.

  • Kredib

    Amit Anand

    A Platform which automates entire recruitment process of organization and also provides candidates a freedom to know and share their interview performance.

  • Medileo

    Dr. Shreyas Goswami, Chirag Kaneriya, Niraj Patel

    This is a care coordination technology system for parents and schools that acts as a complete healthcare solution.

  • Eazyhomez Designs and Decors Pvt Ltd (Styledod)

    Akhilesh Majmudar, Partho Sarkar, Shital Gohil

    Create a solution for helping new home owners buy furniture and interior services online via a unique and free experience which is extremely magnetizable

  • Vinspire Agrotech(I) Private Limited, Brand Name: VGT

    Anshul Anvin Jain, Riddhi Manan Patel

    Vinspire Agrotech(I) Private Limited is fully engaged in development of Manual range of Agriculture Advance tools. we have developed different innovative farming equipment which will replace conventional farming and back-breaking methods. With the help of our device farmers will increase its productivity and save time and money.

  • Mod Engineering, Brand Name: Mod Engineering

    Kaustubh R Mod

    This is Automatic Spraying machine for Construction and Civil Work can be doing in this machine. To Reduce Time, Improve Quality work and Reduce Manpower.

    Visit website for more information

  • Greenvolt Mobility LLP, Brand Name: Greenvolt

    Sarthak Baxi, Sagar Thakkar, Kartik Sheladiya, Karan Patel, Jagrut Dave

    We are developing India’s first high performance electric motorcycle with a top speed of 100 km/h and range of 150 km per single charge. Imagine one can travel 150 km in just 15Rs. with absolutely no tail pipe emission! How great (green) it would be? Civilization of Mars is a forced escape. Humans belong to earth.;

    Visit website for more information

  • Secours Equipment LLP, Brand Name: Secours

    Sanket Panchal, Ankit Bhatiya

    We design a device by which Tea serving process is very fast & no engage any hands to pick up & place & also we can improve its productivity & save the valuable time.

    • We innovate Bag Type Insulated Tea Serving Device.
    • We attached Cup Holder in which they store Cups for Tea.
    • We give good insulation, so Tea Temperature can maintain

  • Stardust Technologies, Brand Name: STARDUST

    Keyur Punjani, Ishan Padaliya, Abhinav Yagnik

    Manufacturing of easy to use desktop 3D printers and 3D printing services.

    Visit website for more information

  • Velogati Automotive Pvt Ltd

    Nirmal Kumar

    Uniquely designed electric auto rickshaws for passengers and goods with innovative business model.

  • Aishani Enterprise Pvt.LTD

    Archan Mehta, Hitarth Mehta, Daxesh Mehta

    San Burn is manufacturing Fully Automatic Sanitary Napkin Burner Machine with power savare technology. This machine will burn used Sanitary Napkin and convert it into sterile ash. We don't have any such solutions to destroy used Sanitary napkins safely, such unhygienic traditional methods of discarding napkins can cause infections, cross infection, polluting the water and environment. This is a very small machine and can be fitted inside the toilet.this machine is act like a dustbin where ine need to just drop used napkins insude it and machine will start automatically and stop after burning process.

    Our innovation is going to be very useful in all cases.

    Visit website for more information

  • Inseminoscope

    Dr. Prashantkumar K. Pathak, Dr. Prashantbhai D. Kunjadiya, Mr. Karanbhai Saragra

    “Inseminoscope” essentially This device with facility of connecting with the smart phones and easily see on screen the perfect AI (Artificial Insemination), Intra Uterine Therapy live.

4 Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC)​
  • Episodic Labs Pvt. Ltd.

    Rajakrishna Kambhampati, Raj Kumar Mishra, Shwet Desai

    Episodic Labs is building its first revolutionary sensor-enabled product that will revolutionise how professional cricketers train and practice.

    Visit website for more information

  • Wehear Hearing Solutions LLP

    Kanishka Patel, Siddharth Thakore

    We Hear is working on developing a revolutionary hearing aid using bone conduction technology.

  • Blecan Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

    Rishabh Agnihotri, Divye Shah

    Blecan Innovations is developing a product called ieacon, which is a smart universal platform for food, retail and events which bridges the gap between users and merchants. ieacon for food eliminates for a user to have different apps, and advertises contextually. ieacon creates a new way for users to interact with customers. For merchants ieacon reduces the workload by introducing a revolutionising crm, inventory management system, path for direct communication between users and merchants, inventory based offers and real time tracking of users along with contactless payments reducing the overall workload for merchants and providing a whole new range of offers which connect to users.

    Visit website for more information

  • Konnect Health

    Hiren Kaswala, Jinesh Shah, Shashank Patel

    Konect Health is an online health platform that empowers individuals with better health and disease management.

    Visit website for more information

7 iCreate
  • Hubilo Softech Pvt. Ltd

    Vaibhav Jain, Varun Jain

    event organizer to create promote engage and analyze their even. Its an all in one event platform through which they are able to create a social network within minutes on their own domin

  • Broadamp Technologies Pvt. Ltd

    Vidit Shah

    Customer engagement and marketing platform for offline restaurants and malls business.

  • Almashines Technologies Pvt. Ltd

    Palash Agrwal, Kapil Dev Advani, Manohar Sharma

    An alumni management assistant for institutes ans alumni association to flawlwssly connect with their alumni

  • Pole

    Shobhit Gupta,Mudit Gupta

    Engages the user in the happenings of the world around him. The platform make site effortless for the user to share and connect with the people near by while getting the pulse of the location. This is the place to JUST BE and live the moment

  • Wishvilla ecommerce pvt. Ltd.

    Tarun Gandhi

    A portal fulfilling consumer wishes for unique iconic or well-known products, essentially having a regional significance is a portal that aims to fulfil the demand for regional speciality products not available in the city of residence of the customer.

  • Naka foods pvt. Ltd

    Kushal Aradhya

    In urban cities Corporate employees spend longer hours at their offices with Varying work shifts during which they are hungry at odd hours like 11:30 in the morning or in the evening at 4 pm but there are very limited food options available, even if it is available it will be often times unhealthy.

  • Lithe technologies pvt. Ltd

    Arun Nagapal

    Cloud based collaborative POS software for franchisors/franchise.


2 IGNITE - Incubator & Co-Working Space
  • I-Automation

    Parth Patel, Anshul Panjabi

    I-Automation involved in the development of embedded systems for industry, industrial parameter monitoring systems, industrial parameter monitoring and alert system, plant control systems, plant monitoring, analysis and control systems.

  • Sudaksh Technologies LLP

    KevalKelawala, Markand Pathak

    SUDAKSH provides wide range of Drone solutions which includes drones for hobbyists to customized drones for enterprise applications. Sudaksh is designed for highest reliability, so that user can do more with drones without worrying about product malfunctions. SUDAKSH is also designing its own flight controller which will have Artificial Intelligent capabilities. SUDAKSH Controller will help to simplify the flying and it will require zero calibration.

1 Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Gandhinagar
  • Geo-Carte Radar Technology Private Limited

    Silky Agrwal

    Geo-Carte is working in the field of non-destructive geophysical exploration with the objective of providing the innovative approach for subsurface investigation using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). It is founded by Silky Agarwal

3 Innovify Research Foundation
  • Oizom

    Ankit Vyas

    Indoor IoT Air Quality Monitoring Solution for clean breathable air for a healthy living


  • Kwikmedi

    Shailabh Didwania

    Kwik Medi is a platform for medical services. Automatic prescription reader reads the prescription and reduces the workload of pharmacist (he will only verify). This eases the re-ordering system by behavior analysis of data provided by the patient in the form of prescription.

  • EasyMovr, Brand Name: EasyMovr

    Magesh Manoharan

    On demand delivery solution for businesses & individuals

    Visit website for more information

20 Inovation & Incubation Centre(IIC),PDPU
  • Torch It(Creating Torch for Blind Pepole)

    Mr. Hunny Bhagchandani

    Torch-It is a device which can do much more than the cane generally used. It is a hand held device with two distance sensors at one end and a vibrating coin and buzzer, whose vibration and buzz sound varies with distance measured by the sensors.

  • ORA(Automated Stirrup Bending Machine (ASBM))

    Harshad Chaudhary, Jimmy Patel, Arpan

    It is a device which can perform the entire task related to stirrup bending, machine operates without any human interaction and it should be CNC type. Small scale machine for rings (of any two dimension shape) are not available in market.

  • Folding keyboard

    Nandan Shah

    This invention provides a folding keyboard on hardboard with a detachable touch mouse pad system, wherein the detachable touch mouse pad can be used as required.

  • Fruit Leather

    Tanmay vadhel

    Transforming Rotten Fruit into a Durable, Malleable, and Leather-like Material which can be used as an Alternative of Leather. It is a solution for one of India’s issues of Fruits waste.

  • Power Tree

    Aneri Panchal, Viren Patel

    Power Tree is an initiative to promote solar energy and clean energy. They are intended to bring visibility to solar technology and to enhance the landscape and architecture they complement, usually in a commercial and public context.

  • Olive Turtle- Engineering Future

    Jaydeep Jivani, Kewal Patel

    This startup is about washing machine working without electricity. It is about washing machine transformed into a compact and mobile design to convert human power to clean clothes in a jiffy and make it available at cheaper cost.

  • Utileaider

    Aanand Singh, Aalok Kumar

    It transforms the streetlight energy consumption, operation and maintenance for Utilities and Industries. Solar energy generation capability of each streetlight makes the entire streetlight system sustainable and energy positive.

  • AIC

    Amrish Patel

    This is a start-up regarding Disease Outbreak Prediction using Big Data Analytics. They have developed data driven machine learning algorithms which can predict the outbreak in advance and generate alerts to administration.

  • Alpha Cycles

    Ravi Pandya, Keval Patel

    This is a bicycle that trains your balance and reflexes in a new way. Not only on a physical level but it also affects the way you perceive movement and enhances your senses. The standing rider position will essential for this new cycle. It brings you closer to natural walking and it’s the only way to control the vehicle with your whole body and not just your hands.

  • Yories

    Kavita Vaishnav

    Yories is a personalized storytelling platform. It puts the power of a personalized story in the hand of parents. It cares deeply about how personalized stories shape the lives of children

  • Free Copy

    Rahish Kalariya, Krunal Sheth, Tanmai Vachhani

    FreeCopy provides free photocopies and because of this, it will revolutionize the photocopying market.FreeCopy also provides a highly targeted advertising solution, with additional benefits such as long term branding, profiles of the viewers and e-coupons.

  • Cambio

    Sarang Deshpande, Yah Trivedi, Abhishek Singh, Raj Anupam

    Cambio is conjuring up an intuitive (electric) vehicle for India that help people to acclimatize full electric mobility. Probably, the greatest challenges facing electric vehicles are not technological in nature, but rather in the form of a major barrier to adoption – the cumulative mindset.

  • YOBO

    Amandeep Joshi, jeetesh hasijani, Rumit, Parth Dave

    YoBo is trying to make life easier for every single person who shops online. In this ruthless competition of E-commerce sites, the confused indecisive mind needs a place to help them with selecting the right choices.

  • Smart Mask

    Mr. Parth Bhatt, Manoj Kumar, Brijesh Tripathi, Pankaj Yadav, Vishva Bhatt

    This mask will comprise of high grade filters capable to filter out the micro-particles (PM 2.5 and PM 10), toxic gases in urban polluted air and harmful bacteria and viruses.

  • POP Online Services Pvt. Ltd., Brand Name: Pin-O-Pen

    Ankit Kumar, Rajan Pujara, Ajay Thakkar, Vicky Tanna

    e-selling of office stationary, pantry products and housekeeping services

    Visit website for more information

  • Psioasis Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Brand Name: Psioasis

    Dr. Jai Prakash Chaudhary, Dr. Anshu Kuma,r Dr. Krishna Kanta Ghara

    to commercial production of agar & agarose using indigenous seaweed to cut the import of these products by adopting a patent protected technology for the extraction of agarose from seaweeds.

  • Recycler

    Aditya Shukla, Sudhir Shukla, Haresh Makwana, Yogesh Sharma

    Recycler is a start-up working with an idea to produce useful and viable products, from unsegregated waste plastic, with greater physical properties and reduced cost. Thus, diminishing the problem of segregation or dumping of plastic.

    Also, the team is working to produce to machinery to mass produce the above developed products.

    Visit website for more information

  • Gravity Star

    Gunjan Indauliya

    Gravity Star is a start-up working to develop a device using which one can generate electricity using gravity force exerted on solid and buoyancy force acted by liquid on the solid, causing a continuous cycle of moving up and down. Thus, generating electricity from the upwards & downwards motion of the object.

  • VISE Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    Prakash Vaghasiya (Founder)

    VISE Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is working to develop a Microlab Machine, using which Farmers can manufacture bio-fertilisers and bio-pesticides on site at cheaper rates.

  • Automatic Solar Cleaner

    Tushar Jani (Founder)

    This start-up is working to manufacture Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Device, which shall clean solar panel with minimal human effort and in return shall increase the generation capacity of the panel with lesser maintenance cost and water wastage.

4 Kadi Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal
  • Greemanity industries llp

    Dimpesh Gupta,Kalpan Kachhadiya,Sharvin Thakkar

    Utilization of Banana Pseudostem for manufacturing handmade papers, & Bio-fertilizer.

  • Water solutions

    Madhav Patel

    Advanced Water Saving Device (Nozzle) for faucets, Water Saving Shower timer & Shower Aerator.

  • Smart kart, Company Name: JBS IT Services LLP

    Mr. Jagadish Sasala, Mr. Souman Roy

    Data analytics results a faster and smarter solution helps us and b2b companies to track consumer behavior so that they can provide costumers rewards and benefits.

  • Portable Planter with Automatic Dripping System

    Umesh Kathad,Vijay Kathad,Hemang Garah

    Portable and foldable vegetable planter with automatic watering system which is easy to setup and requires minimal user intervention

12 Leaf-GLS University Incubator
  • Preab Software Private Limited , Brand Name: PREAB (Portal for Real Esate Agent & Brokers)

    Nipa Sethia

    The platform that we want to build is a model where the Agents can have their own branded website with the search facility of properties and customer interaction modules. This would help them to compete with the larger players and also give services to the new generation of demanding customers.

  • Lomoso Solutions Private Limited, Brand Name: OneHop

    Gaurav Sutaria, Taral Shah

    OneHop is a technology partner for hyper-local stores that provides insightful information about marketing campaigns, customer behaviors and trending items through a simple interface, and enables them to customize and personalize buyer’s interests as well.

    Visit website for more information

  • Squid Research Private Limited, Squid Sense

    Krinal Mehta

    Squid Sense is a platform that enables businesses to automate their growth by using artificial intelligence on top of Web Analytics data.It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence on top of web analytics and app analytics, this can literary predict the outcome when you plan a strategy.

    Visit website for more information

  • Eyuva Internet Private Limited, Brand Name: DocsTub

    Vivek Sancheti

    It basically platform where people can share their documents and earn money.

    Visit website for more information

  • Bugskan Cyber Security Solutions LLP, Brand Name: BUGSKAN

    Mr. Kaushal Bhavsar, Ms. Kirtana Bhavsar

    BugSkan is a cloud-based platform to test security of websites, mobile applications and IoT devices. Based on secure platform of Microsoft Azure, the platform has the capability to scan hundreds of websites per day. The platform ensures the software security safety of “app”, script or hardware firmware.

    Visit website for more information


    Mr. Swapnil Aggarwal

    SpeakUp Mobile Application is India’s first one-stop feedback platform for consumers to send across their grievances and suggestions to the concerned authorities across multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Email- all in a single click.


    Mr. Nitin Solanki

    Myriad is the world’s first wireless automation system with Wireless Sticker Switches and Pluggable Control Modules. Myriad gives users an unmatched ability to home control from wherever they want and how they want. Myriad is also unique because it is the only automation system that is designed specifically for India. From user-interface to the product ruggedness, everything is designed according to Indian conditions with Indian users and installers in mind

    Visit website for more information

  • Frosca Retail Services LLP

    Mr. Rohan Saraf, Mr. Jishnu Sheth,. Mr. Jaydeep Bharatji, Mr. Akshay Sethia

    FROSCA is the unique concept of collaborating all the local brands with a single loyalty program so that the user can get the power of buying from anywhere and get rewarded and spend anywhere using the reward points. For a Retailer they bring to them a cost effective loyalty reward system which helps them compete against the multichain and online stores. Also with attractive rewards FROSCA will surely pull more customers to their stores.

    Visit website for more information

  • Techsamvaad Private Limited, Brand Name:V.A.A.T

    Kartik Manoj Joshi, Pariyani Abdullah Mo. Iliyas, Shaunak B Amin

    TechSamvaad’s V.A.A.T. or Voice based Android Assistance Tool is the versatile easy to use Android Voice Assistance tool with input based on voice commands that will allow using smartphones with phrases spoken in Gujarati language. The project is made for people who still find it difficult to operate smartphones due to its complexity and language barriers.

  • Tracomo Camera System LLP, Brand Name: Tracomo

    Mr.Archit Somani

    TraCoMo is a Pro-Active Alert Wireless IP based Distributed Camera System, which is lightweight, portable, and very low energy consuming and is programmable as per customer's special needs. It gives high quality digital images, and with addition of its patented pending SwD board it becomes a complete IoT based Automation Platform. It is a 3rd Generation Camera System, and is suitable for Big Premises like industries, big plots, universities, large campuses, and remote locations.

    Visit website for more information

  • DataOne innovation Labs

    Nikunj Thakkar

    The DataOne platform is a superfast analytical tool with advanced machine learning capabilities that provides data driven insights for organizations with multi-source structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. We're building a data analytics platform which helps organizations move faster with Big Data. Innovations of the project

    • Platform processes data and rates over 600 ktps (thousand transactions per second)
    • Customizable modules to serve any industry for any use-case
    • Supports ingestion of structured and unstructured data in different formats such as CSV, JSON, XML, log files, raw files, binary formats, industry specific formats, etc.
    • Intercept and parse records to store into readable formats in NoSQL storage, index them, and make them queriable.
    • Platform allows for creation of data pipelines at scale in spans as short as 10 days.

    Visit website for more information

  • Surbine recycling Pvt.

    Sunil Singh, Sankal P. Joisar, Pankaj V. Joisar

    Surbine Recycling Private Limited represents a vision to create a game changer in the E-Waste Recycling Industry. It is dedicated to become the largest E-Waste Recycling Facility in the Indian Sub-continent with aggressive plans to expand globally.

    Surbine Recycling uses environmentally friendly, innovative technology to Recycle E-Waste to produce high purity Metals. The technology is robust, sustainable and clean ensuring zero waste discharge, mitigating the risks associated with improper recycling and dumping of the E-Waste in the landfills.

    Visit website for more information

13 Lok Jagruti Kendra
  • Disabled Equipment Handicap Front Edge Solution

    Harshul Brahmbhatt

    A ground moving device for disable people which has a unique design. It does not required power to drive the system. The efforts to drive the system are also very less

  • Mokshshil

    Ms. Bilva Desai

    End to End funeral Management Services integrated with E-Commerce & Online platform with integration of services like MokshAnjali, MokshYatra, MokshStore, MokshDaan, Prebook, across India, through Antim Kriya, Fund raising platform online store, yatras, prebook, paying tribute through technology platforms

    Visit website for more information

  • GoWofee

    Samudra Debazma, Sunny Goggoi

    Wofee is a multi vertical start-up which create value for its direct and indirect customers, solving typical problems through technology and efficiently managing man power

  • Morpankh Production

    Parth Chauhan

    A technology in which you can see any place in 360 degree at wherever you are , at any place , at any time & in any position with feeling of reality and feel like actually you are presence there

  • The Guardians Senior citizen service

    Piyush Vayeda

    People require care and attendance after certain age on constant basis. I therefore intend to provide family care to the senior citizens who are in the stage of age bound physical weakness. To provide these services at reasonable rate with some activities backed we will provide professional services.

    Visit website for more information

  • Waste.Pro

    Ms. Phani Trivedi

    To be a one stop solution for management, treatment & disposal of solid waste generated on daily bases by households & industries, but by promoting decentralization. Thus, waste is not getting mixed up & helps organized & unorganized recyclers to reuse dry waste &PREVENTS MIXED WASTE FROM REACHING LANDFILL SITES.

  • Ability on wheels

    Mr. Harish Kumar

    Ability on wheels plans to start a Wheelchair Accessible taxi services starting from Ahmedabad & subsequently spreading to entire state

    Visit website for more information

  • Foookat Internet Services

    Vishvesh Trivedi, Rujul Trivedi, Dhruv Vyas

    We’ re developing a real time mobile marketing platform which helps sellers to promote their products by the means of exciting offers. Shoppers can view these offers on our mobile app, walk into the store and claim the offer. And thus , our platform helps connect local sellers with their prospective local customers, boosting local commerce.

  • Advino Healthcare Private Limited

    Dr.Kevin Shah, Dr.Dharmesh Savani, Dr.Purav Gandhi

    We are driving innovation in the healthcare delivery sector, by enabling a strong innovation platform that will enable delivering a lot of care related services at patient’s home.

    Visit website for more information

  • Interonic Communications Private Limited

    Jainik Shah, Kunal Udani

    Zipstore is an infrastructure of commerce from where things are produced to where the things are consumed. It targets $ 600 billion retail industry of India by providing reliable and actionable data so as to minimize the demand supply gap in the industry.

  • Chemical shoppe

    Nilesh Kumar,Ritesh Mishra,Narendra Bobby

    It is an online marketplace for chemicals and consumable in India. India is a huge and yet growing market for online buying. Our platform will make it easy for traders to put their inventory online and close the sale. It also allows traders to create their own deals to win new customers and move their slow moving or dead inventory. ,

    Visit website for more information

  • Alagrand retail

    Mitesh Shethwala is fashion E-Commerce marketplace exclusively designed for Local Brands and designers to help them sell their products across is 100% customized website with innovative inventory management system which help vendors to upload and manage inventory easily and reduce their time by nearly 50%.

    Visit website for more information

  • Algaari Retail Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

    Jumur Pandya,Sweta Joshi

    It is first of its kind purifier that has alumina blend as a filter that provides active filtration as well as it has a longer life than other product available in the market. Also we have double germ killing technology that makes air as clean as mountainous air. ,

    Visit website for more information

3 MICA Incubator
  • Cruzer - appiza tech pvt. Ltd.

    Ram Punjani

    Converza is a fun, simple, interesting platform to discover and engage with people on common interest and passion.

    Visit website for more information

  • Dialoguemakers pvt. Ltd

    Pooja Somaiya, Meet Somaiya

    Empower and employ differently ABLED section of society. Startup have been instrumental in spreading Empathy by Education-Training Entertainment.

    Visit website for more information

  • Beepsuite technologies

    Saharsh Jhunjhunwala, Krishni Miglani

    Beep is a clutter-free platform that is built to solve all transactional problems of a neighborhoods community. It aims to connect neighbors and to optimize the usage of resources in gated communities.

7 National Institute of Design(NID)
  • Feel Good Innovation

    Viswanadh Malladi

    To solve back pain and butt numbness while riding motor cycle, motor cycle seat add-on product has been designed. This product will be added as an extra seat on the existing seat.

  • Impetus wellness private limited

    Sneh Bhavsar an exclusive platform for Women,making health and wellness related information and services affordable and easily accesible.And also safe and non- judgmental space delivered by a trustworthy and women friendly brand.

  • Teparch footwear private limited

    Krishna Sai,Inkoolu

    The present invention relates to footwear with an electronic circuit to aid blind people to walk by sensing the existence of the obstacles on the specified as well as unspecified track.

  • Serene design & marketing private limited

    Pushplata Swarnkar

    Serene design is a social enterprise dedicated solely to improving lives of tribal artisans.Their own craft to enhance their respective skills.By creating a bigger market for their products and new designs we create an opportuninity for better earnings and much- improved livelihood for themselves.

  • Kumar and hoilund

    Abhishek Devjibhar

    Kumar and Hoilund is a design and construction company, developing prefabricated environment friendly homes based on scandinavian technology.

  • Mobihealth

    Mahesh Chopra

    Mobihealth is a first disease management,adherence and 360 care platform which aims to help doctor manage each disease in personalized.

  • The electronium

    Srijan Deshpande

    completely new electronic version of traditional indian harmonium. Overcomes many limitations of mechanical harmonium by re-tunable shruti-scales.

3 R. K. University
  • Unicepts technologies pvt. Ltd.

    Vivek Vyas,Vimal Popat

    This is a unique service which provides digital platform to relive lives and memories of our ancestral and departed loved once. The product will be able to help people to trace their ancestral histories with ease.

  • Adapter for inhaler

    Bhupendra Raval

    The product is in consideration is a patented design of an inhaler for consumption of medicine for asthma patients.

  • Innovative glass and ceramic based polish

    Alpesh Nasit

    It is a ceramic tile with a very low porosity; it is an alternative of marble and granite flooring in commercial and domestic uses. Vitrified tiles use due to its water and frost resistant. It is made by hydraulic pressing a mixture of clay, quartz, feldspar and silica, which makes vitreous surface. Thus creating a single mass making them hard with low porosity.

2 SIGMA Entrepreneurship Development and Incubation Center (SEDIC)
  • Kirti Energy Solutions LLP, Brand Name: 3 Step Automated Power Factor Controller

    Mr. Kautilya Panchal

    3 step Power factor controller is a device to save energy & utility bill for SSI units, malls etc having consumption of <= 50 Amp &lower PF (upto 0.6).

  • SocioRac Online LLP

    Mr. RajatSinghania

    SocioRAC - ONE-CLICK One-Point solution to save content from any app/ screen on your mobile in an efficient and organized way. Manage the content, Share it or even Print it. Gone are the days of Screen shots, Copy & Paste and looking for your content through multiple files. SocioRAC has a patent pending proprietary Pop Up manager which POPs up to your rescue anytime you think of saving or sharing any content on any of the external apps that you are using. Any content selected and copied/ shared on any social media platform, triggers A POP-UP window and the User can save the content efficiently in an organized manner through this app and avoid interruption of copying and pasting data manually SocioRAC has a few unique features that make it stand apart.

    • Pop-up window allowing you to save content with one click on any content, on any app without leaving the screen/ app and what you are reading
    • White board and content/ reminders/ calendars sharing possible in a very efficient manner. Automatic creation of reminders and calendar entries on the recipient's phone.
    • IP protection (Trademark, Copyright and Patent) already filed for SocioRAC
    • End to end solution to - Read content anywhere, Retain at one place, Share/ Print from one place and Manage it - features only advanced mobile apps have.
    • SocioRAC transforms your content to Smart Content and make your life easier, relaxed and more productive.

    Visit website for more information

15 Venture Studio
  • Cruzer

    Joohi Kacha, Viral Kacha

    Cruzer helps you manage services of your bike or car and offers a new level of assistance in keeping track of your services digitally. (

  • Profiledskins

    Dhruv Gupta

    ProfiledSkin is a cloud based, data driven Fit Personalization Technology Enterprise Platform which aims to address sizing issues that arise when shopping for wearable products like apparel, footwear etc. on online retail portals.ProfiledSkin is developing a one click profile generation technology which develops the whole fit profile through a single image.

    Visit website for more information

  • Zybra

    Vishal Satwara

    Online Bookkeeping Service Means Not Just Online Bookkeeping Software But Also Bookkeeping Professional to do Accounting. Just one have to Snap a photo of receipt and send it to server and his/her bookkeeping done. Easy And Convenient for small business owner, so they can focus on Other area rather than Accounting.

    Visit website for more information

  • Delta H Solutions

    Kush Patel

    Offering self-heating packaging solutions for the Ready To Eat (RTE) foods. The product attempts to solve the problem of having hot and hygienic food on the move. The product prototype is currently going through beta trials. targeted at markets like disaster relief, travel, tourism.

    Visit website for more information

  • Biofics

    Sunil Mahapatra, Vikas Mishra

    Innovative process for making bio-fertilizers and bio-enzymes for increasing farm output

  • Interestship

    Deep Patel

    Interestship is a dream of young and passionate enthusiasts to provide a platform for fellow students and promising startups to connect and work together on common domains of interest. We connect Students and Employers on the basis of their interest. We provide interest based internships.

  • Hello Diamonds

    Eshan Joshi is a startup in the jewellery industry, it is a jewellery portal for users to browse through jewellery items available for purchase in the showrooms of the their city. We also aim to use a similar model to start a B2B portal where in jewelers, manufacturers, wholesalers and traders will get to trade and do business with each other across the country.

    Visit website for more information

  • Wockito

    Nidhi Suthar

    Wockito is 360 - degree business network management platform ; helps corporate and professionals to manage and expand their business.

    Visit website for more information

  • In meditech l.l.p.

    Dr. Akash Doshi

    InMediTech is driven to create technologies that bridge the gap between doctors and patients. The platform will enable doctors to consult patients remotely. The key features of the platform are streamlined payments, text/phone/video consulting options, remote prescription writing and shareable case notes.

    Visit website for more information

  • Pore lab scientific

    Swati Dey

    PoreLab Scientific Pvt Ltd is developing scientific analytical equipment, that are used for testing “materials/products” for characteristic properties like porosity, pore-size measurement, permeability, air flow resistance, water vapor transmission rate and similar characteristics properties.

    Visit website for more information

  • Vintage infra equipments

    Sunder Veer Rajput

    Market place for Heavy Equipment where used can post their equipment easily for sale and buy get curate information of equipment and seller's details from all over India, heavy equipment includes - construction, infrastructure and lifting, Mining industry.

    Visit website for more information

  • Indium design

    Rahil Rupawala

    Converting non materized transport such as bicycle/tricycle into light electric vehicals.

    Visit website for more information

  • Vrizm

    Deep Patel

    Based on AR-VR Technology, which is an impressive way to showcase your business by providing high quality virtual tours.

    Visit website for more information

  • Vendaxo

    Nirat Patel,Poonam Choudhary

    Online platform for buying and selling manufacturing industry equipments.

    Visit website for more information

  • VNJ Innovations Pvt. Ltd, Brand Name: Easymedi

    Jigar Trivedi

    Using Internet & Mobile, Easymedi is developing solutions for healthcare providers, patients and other stakeholders in the delivery of healthcare in a simple & cost-effective manner.

    Visit website for more information